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Insurance for Ethiopian herders aims to combat drought, conflict – TRFN

A new insurance scheme in Ethiopia, known as index-based livestock insurance, aims to reduce losses, support pastoral communities, and lower the risk of conflict sparked by pastoralists migrating into agricultural areas in search of forage or water. Continue reading

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Insuring the uninsured – IBLI and partners extend in Ethiopia

As the world of finance continues to evolve the need for insurance also is growing both in Ethiopia and around the world. However rural communities and especially pastoralist communities tended until recently to have been denied access to insurance among other reasons being their remoteness and lack of specialized insurance scheme for their community. But that’s about to change as Oromia Insurance Company Share Company (OIC) one of the newest entrants to the industry has embarked on covering this often neglected community starting with the Borena pastoralist community Continue reading

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Identifying methods of scaling up index-based livestock insurance: Lessons in extension and outreach

About 80% of Kenya’s land is arid or semi-arid lands (ASAL) with the main livelihoods being pastoral, agro-pastoral and subsistence agriculture. Farmers and herders in these areas, among the poorest in the country, suffer from a weak natural resource base in addition to weak institutions and infrastructure. In such cases droughts act as a covariate shock … Continue reading